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Contemporary designs matched with unique features

Neo  - recent or new derived from Ancient Greek. Pietra - means "stone" in Italian


Combining the aesthetic look of natural stones and the strength and durability of engineered stones we invented innovative products under the brand of Neotra Advanced Surfaces®


The most important requirement in these modern times is the urgent need for hygiene. These Neotra Advanced Surfaces are easy to clean providing you a germ-free surface.

Anti-Bacterial surface

Liquid repellent

All Neotra products are equipped to repel any growth of harmful living organisms on the surface. Keeping the surface free from known bacterial, viral, fungal or algae formation.

Derived from the Italian word Scudo meaning shield, Neo Scudo Tech gives this surface an edge as a safe choice for daily use and of course, low maintenance.

  • The easiest to clean
  • Non-absorbent.
  • Resistant to detergent, cleaning agents.
  • No particles, formaldehyde, harmful chemicals.
  • Does not harbour dirt and bacteria.
  • Liquid repellent, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antialgae

It helps surface repel any liquid. Unwanted and harmful living organisms cannot remain or grow on surfaces, which can be kept safe and clean with minimal effort.

Lowest maintenance efforts

Scratch and Abrasion resistant

The softest tactile experience: Neo-Senso is a surface finish that is incredibly pleasant to touch, yet resistant to scratches and stains. Thanks to an exclusive, patented Italian technology, Neo Senso takes the surface quality to where no other technology can reach, overcoming the myth that smooth surfaces scratch and stain. Surface that you not only feel but also appeals to all your senses

With this innovation, we have overcome the myth that smooth surfaces get scratches and stains. Despite having an unmatched smoothness, "NEO SENSO”TM Surface is resistant to scratches.

Solid, safe, sophisticated, and visually pleasing: Neo-ForteTM surface combines design and performance, with an outstanding surface hardness of 8+ in Mohs scale.

Neo-Forte surface’s superior resistance to abrasion is demonstrated by ISO testing: zero mass loss after 120,000 revolutions, 10 times the required value (12,000 revolutions). Forte – meaning strong in Italian, combined with versatility exclusively in the Pastelli Collection.


Unmatched Durability and Lasting Beauty

Anti-Bacterial surface
Scratch and Abrasion resistant
Liquid repellent
Fire resistant
Heat resistant
Chemical and Stain resistant
Frost resistant
Impact resistant
Resistant to bending
Lowest maintenance efforts

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