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The Power of Colour. In large slabs.

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Elevated looks for modern homes

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Where Nature's
Beauty Meets Design

An innovative material in large slabs specifically developed for worktops, tables, furniture and external facades. Neotra Advanced Surfaces are composed solely of natural minerals minus resins or chemical binders. Developed under extreme pressure and heat (fired at 1200 °centigrade) making it far superior to any natural or artificial stone. Neotra is available in 5.5, 12 and 20mm thickness offering contemporary designs in homogenous and full body designs.

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Unmatched Durability and Lasting Beauty

The most important requirement in these modern times is the urgent need for hygiene, These Neotra Advanced Surfaces are easy to clean providing you a germ-free surface.

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Anti-Bacterial surface
Scratch and Abrasion resistant
Liquid repellent
Fire resistant
Heat resistant
Chemical and Stain resistant
Frost resistant
Impact resistant
Resistant to bending
Lowest maintenance efforts

Empower Your Projects with Neotra Advanced Surfaces

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