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5.5mm | 12mm | 20mm

Neotra Advanced Surfaces are designed for varied applications for households - living, kitchen, bath, door & window sills to exterior - wall claddings & flooring.

5.5 mm

Available in Pastelli Collection

12 mm

Available in Pastelli, Spa & Inmensa Collection

20 mm

Available in Pastelli, Spa & Inmensa Collection

Application Areas

Kitchen Counter Top
Vanity Top
Wash Basin
Showers Base
Floor & Wall
Window and Door Sill

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Why Neotra Advanced Surfaces

Property Neotra Advanced Surfaces Granite Quartz
Water Absorption Today’s world is more conscious about their health & immunity. Neotra Stone's patented NEO Scudo Tech makes product surface water repellant & anti-bacterial. Liquids are easily absorbed by all natural stones, especially colourful liquids enter the stone's body resulting in patches. Absorbed water or any liquid formation on the surface causing fungus and bacterial growth Quartz is supplied with a protective coating / sealant on the surface. Over a period of time, as the coating is abrased with extensive usage, the surface becomes prone to water or colour absorption
Variety Digital technology has provided unlimited opportunities for designs & colours of Neotra Advanced Surfaces including desirable veined (Statuario) and dark marble looks so you can find what fits your style that looks like natural stone slabs Granite stones are hardly available in veined patterns. Over a period of time the repeat patterns in the same stone is also literally impossible While the Quartz plain colours variety on offer is large, however marble veined colours look very artificial and unnatural
UV Protection Neotra Advanced Surfaces are unharmed by UV radiation, even if exposed to direct sunlight / used outdoors Granite surfaces when exposed to prolonged direct sunlight can cause damage, resulting in fading or darkening of the stone Highly prone to UV radiation. Possibility of fading within a month if exposed to direct sunlight
Chemical Resistance Use of chemicals like bleach will not harm the slab Usage of chemicals below pH level of 5 can permanently damage the surface Being a resin based stone, chemicals having pH levels below 6 can damage the stone permanently
Fire & Heat Resistance Neotra Advanced Surfaces are highly resistant to heat and totally unimpacted as its fired at 1200 o Centigrade Has a higher risk for cracks in case of direct exposure to heat over 200° C Quartz cannot withstand higher temperatures. If exposed to direct heat of 150° - 200°C, the slabs will crack
Durability NEO Senso makes Neotra Advanced Surfaces resistant to scratches & stains. The firing process makes the slabs permanent and resistant to heat, cracks & chips and essential wear and tear Granite stone being stronger & harder, utmost care needs to be taken at the time of cutting the surface Quartz is prone to cracks & discolouration due to direct exposure to heat, weather or sunlight for a longer duration

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